Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a brand new game created by 2k and Firaxis games, famous for The XCOM Series. It is a tactical RPG where you play as the Hunter.

The Hunter is a fully customizable original superhero, made by firaxis in collaboration with Marvel, that leads the team (A mix of the Avengers, X-Men and Midnight Suns) in the fight against another new character, Lilith, the Mother of Demons.

The teaser shows a number of characters from Marvel history, including:

Iron Man

Captain America

Captain Marvel

Dr. Strange

Nico Minoru




Ghost Rider

What’s also interesting is every hero is shown as both their base design, and as a new magical themed black and gold uniform, glowing with energy.

We don’t have to many details about the game itself, but it seems to take inspiration from XCOM, notably in that is both tactical battles, but also the work and set up between battle  and relationships between the members of the team, very similarly to XCOM.

A full gameplay reveal is planned for September 1st, and signing up for news on will earn you an exclusive blade skin.

The game has a release date of March 2022, on PS4, PS5, PC, and Switch. As a big fan of both Marvel and XCOM, I await any news with anticipation.

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