Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions allows you to show off your boxing skills round by round in a knockout arcade experience. But it’s not just about the punches, the moves, or even the victory of the TKO, but it’s who you get to box as. From Adonis Creed to Rocky Balboa to as one of the 18 other iconic characters from the Rocky and Creed universe.

Features include:

  • Boxing for all – intuitive, pick-up-and-play controls meets robust boxing mechanics to empower you to fight opponents in arcade-style settings with moves that are easy to pick up but tough to perfect. Win each match to play your way through the legendary tales of 20 distinct characters and to unlock new characters and outfits.
  • In the universe of Creed and Rocky – Fight as Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa, and a complete roster of legends from the Creed and Rocky franchise, including Apollo Creed, Ivan & Viktor Drago, and Clubber Lang. Live out classic Creed and Rocky training moments in thematic mini-games.
  • Pulse-Rousing fun with friends and family – Choose your character and venue and get ready to duke it out in high-stakes matches against friends and family in local player-versus-player mode.

Are you ready to train? Who will box as? Can you become a champion? Find out when Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions comes to PlayStation on September 3, 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…