Originally revealed during one of 2019’s State of Play presentations, AWAY: The Survival Series now has a release date and it’s arriving much sooner than we all expected!

AWAY: TSS comes to consoles and PC on September 28th. Developer Breaking Walls co-founder and creative director Laurent Bernier talked about their game in a press release for the game.

AWAY has been a passion project of ours for the past few years and we’re so excited to finally be able to share it with the world. We’re all environmental enthusiasts at Breaking Walls, so we wanted to craft an experience that combines our love for the outdoors and animals with the accessible joys of an exploratory adventure game. AWAY is a unique merging of these separate passions into a singular, cohesive whole. We can’t wait for players to experience it for themselves.

Our Indie Guru, @thebloodlegends, even went in-depth about the game in his latest indie spotlight video!

We hope in the mighty sea of AAA games releasing in September that you’ll give AWAY: TSS a shot when it arrives next month.

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