Chapter XXI for Dead by Daylight has been announced, after a long week of teases and hints, it is confirmed to be Pinhead from Hellraiser.

Pinhead is a killer who is based around impeding and torturing survivors. He can summon chains, using them as his base attacks, alongside a lot of his animations, such as damaging generators and pallets, and as a unique carrying animation, rather than carrying them over his shoulder like most killers, he holds them with 4 chains. Alongside that, he can use his ability “Summons of Pain: Which allows him to summon portals, when a portal is created, the camera goes to it, allowing you to scout around areas without going to them, and then you can fire a chain, lying forward being directly controlled by you. If it hits a survivor, three chains will appear and stab into them, slowing them, and you will return to controlling pinhead. 

Alongside that, when playing Pinhead, the Lament Configuration, the cursed puzzle box that summons him, will appear in the map. When left alone, it will create chains and harass survivors all over the map. If a survivor finds it, they can try to solve it, if successful the chains will stop for a while, but while solving it, Pinhead can teleport to them, saying a line from the original movie “You opened the box, I Came” making him the first killer to speak full english lines.

If he find the Lament configuration, he can pick it up and solve it, which will cause all survivors to get tangled in chains and scream, revealing their location and slowing them. Whenever either side activates it, the Lament Configuration will respawn somewhere else in the mao.

Pinhead is a standalone killer dlc, just himself, no associated survivor or map. He is now playable today on the pc player test build, and while he has yet to be given an official release date, based on previous trends the dlc should be available three weeks afterwards, available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

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