Hermen Hulst claims that over half the titles in development from PlayStation Studios are new titles. The other half? Well, according to recent rumors as of late, it appears PlayStation is going old school from their pool of IPs.

Rumors hit this past week WipEout and Twisted Metal would return over the next few years. You can now add the return of Sly Cooper to this ever growing list of rumored returns!

Our pal Nick has taken to Reddit this time to drop yet another rumor for us PlayStation fans to get hyped for:

here’s what it says to save you a click: For whatever it’s worth to anyone, I’ve heard something similar. I didn’t hear Sucker Punch were doing it, I just heard “someone” was making Sly 5.

I guess Sucker Punch would make the most sense. But I keep being told not them.

No Way Sucker Punch has time to work on it, considering the success of GoT. Sanzura Games, who made the 4th game and had plans for a 5th, has since been purchased by Facebook, so nope. Perhaps this could be an XDEV project that takes the series in a different direction or possibly reboots it for a new generation of Sly Cooper fans?

Either way, it’s kinda exciting not knowing what Sony’s teams are working on going forward except for a few games due to the unpredictability of it all!

What surprise return would YOU like to see from PlayStation?

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