The most controversial moment before the release of Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t the fact that the digital team wouldn’t have the MCU actor’s likeness for heroes but that Spider-Man would be joining the roster exclusively on PlayStation consoles in early 2021.

Here’s the issue. It has been a year since Crystal Dynamics made the announcement. We’ve yet to see even a piece of concept art related to Spidey. With Black Panther’s War for Wakanda arriving next week could Spider-Man be pushed to 2022?

Our pal and fellow Spider-fan Cade Onder over at Screen Rant asked senior game designer Scott Walter the hard hitting question: Will Spidey answer the call to assemble in 2021??

In terms of what we can say now, we’ve always scheduled and looked to bring Spider-Man out in 2021 for PlayStation owners. That is still on track, so we’ll have more announcements later on this year.

September will be the one year anniversary of the release for Marvel’s Avengers and they could be saving the reveal for then. OR they could be waiting for it to coincide with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home later this year.

Which also brings with it a potential issue. Venom: Let there be Carnage was delayed until October due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases. Sony has yet to confirm any delay or hell, shown a proper trailer for No Way Home, meaning they could push it to maximize potential profits for everyone involved.

We will keep you updated on this Spider-situation, Brah!

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