Even though the rumors have been floating around the web for the past couple of years, guess it doesn’t count until a major website we all love to hate half of the time the reports about it!

Kotaku says the rumored trilogy of PS2-era (GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas) GTA games will be getting an all-in-one remastered package this Fall on pretty much every platform under the sun except for the Ouya. Seriously. Going to be crazy seeing folks playing the Switch at the park while beating the snot out of a hooker after bumpin’ uglies in the back of your digital sedan to get your money back. Ah. Good times.

Look at the facts: Parent publisher Take-Two said they were working on remasters of three past titles combine that with the fact they’ve been passing out DCMA takedowns to several websites that offered mods for these classic GTA games. It makes sense, right?

Regardless, here’s a recap regarding details from the Kotaku report:

  • Rockstar Dundee, the newest Studio once known as Ruffian Games, is the main studio working on the game.
  • COVID-19 has impacted the remastered package, which was once planned to release earlier this year. Other teams have pitched in to help speed development along.
  • Which is rumored to be the reason why Red Dead Online updates have been so staggered.
  • The graphics from one source have been described as a mix of ‘old and new’, comparing it to a heavily modded version of each game. They will also be using the Unreal Engine for the remasters.
  • UI designs will be updated.
  • Was at one time planned as ‘thank you’ gift for those who purchased Grand Theft Auto V Expanded and Enhanced, until plans changed.
  • The package of games might be digital-only.
  • A potential remaster of Red Dead Redemption is being considered, along with other titles, but that all depends on the success of this GTA Trilogy remaster package o’ greatness.
  • The games will be updated yet will stay true to the classics we know and love.

I for one am excited as hell for this trilogy of remasters and can’t wait to see what they’re bringing to the table with they reveal them soon enough.

Who else is ready to experience these classic Grand Theft Auto titles with a fresh coat of outlandishness?!

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