August is upon us, which can only mean one thing: a plethora of Godfall content will be here before we know it.

The new expansion, Fire & Darkness, a PS4 version port of Godfall, matchmaking, and the free Lightbringer content will arrive for PS4 and PS5 owners on August 10th.

Game Rant has the first look at 7 different Valorplates that you’ll be able to obtain from the upcoming expansion. They will be the following:

Hinterclaw’s Hellhound skin

Mesa’s Child of Darkness skin

Moebius’ Pride of the Monastery skin

Illumina’s Frigid Vision skin

Aegishorn’s Shield of the Depths skin

Typhon’s Trap of the Tundra skin

Vertigo’s Draconic Scripture skin

You get to see Typhon’s Trap of Tundra skin and Vertigo’s Draconic Scripture in motion thanks to these two vids.

Want a FREE Royal Fortitude Bulwark skin thanks to this SHiFT code?? Of course you do. Then redeem this code below for this BRAHsome set of armor!

You can redeem in-game or at the official link here!


For anyone that might have missed it, here’s the official Fire & Darkness trailer from a couple months back! See you on August 10th, Warriors.

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