Every great JRPG that you walk away from after completing normally has one major factor in common with one another: a stellar cast of characters!

Chrono Trigger. FFVI. FFVII. Xenogears. Persona 4. Persona 5. Just to name a few off the top of my head all featured a great cast of characters that you came to care for over the numerous hours of your adventures to save the world/kingdom/time/your loved one.

While time will tell if the cast from Tales of Arise will be one we’re still talking about years from now, Bandai Namco has put together a series of videos focusing on the main cast of characters from their upcoming game.

The latest trailer is for Kirsara, also known as the Bad B with the massive shield you’ve seen in previous previews for Tales of Arise.

Here’s Captain Kisara of the Elde Menancia Guard! A strong Dahnan woman who has mastered shield attacks and defense techniques like no one else. She’s a brilliant gem; highly regarded by everyone, even Renan soldiers.

There’s 4 more featuring other characters from the cast as well!





Tales of Arise release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 9th in Japan and the rest of the world on September 10th.

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