News broke today that the upcoming PS5 firmware beta test will introduce one major addition that PlayStation 5 owners have been asking for: the ‘Dead Space’ is now unlocked for M.2 SSD memory expansion!

Sony was true to their word, saying that the M.2 SSD feature would hit this summer, now here we are PS5 owners are able to (expensively) expanding their system’s storage space. There is a rather lengthy list of what to do not/not to do, so this Brah is just a bit worried.

Now a top dev from one of Sony’s biggest 1st party studios took to Twitter to tell the gaming world about their experience testing various SSD’s on the PS5.

Mike Fitzgerald, Director of Core Technology at Insomniac Games, talked about testing Rift Apart using the ‘recommend specs’ and how it’s treating one of SIE’s top studios.

He does warn that using less than ‘recommended spec’ SSD’s can cause an impact on the overall performance of the game, so buyer beware.

Are you waiting for more results before jumping in? If I didn’t share my PS5 with my oldest child at times, my SSD space wouldn’t be too bad off. I’m going to hopefully wait until prices drop later on.

Are you part of the PS5 firmware beta testing? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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