The call to war for you chance to once again help Jin Sakai battle back against the Invasion of Japan by those damn Mongols begins on August 20th when the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut arrives on the PS4 & PS5.

Until then, Sucker Punch Productions has taken the time to answer some of the burning questions we all have. One of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut biggest additions is the Iki Island expansion, which has us all much juicy gameplay are we about to get for our money??

In an interview with the Brahs over at Push Square, Creative Director Nate Fox was asked about the size of the upcoming expansion. Good news! Get ready for plenty of content to enjoy.

If you’re familiar with Ghost of Tsushima, Iki Island is the size of, really, the first act of the main game, Izuhara. It’s a big, dense story with a lot of landscape and secrets to discover.

[Iki Island is] very similar in size to Izuhara, so… It’s an open world game, so it depends on how you play it. If you want to beeline through any one particular narrative aspect of Iki Island it’ll take different amounts of time. But the best example — just because it’s an open world game — is to think of it like an act in Ghost of Tsushima.

If you’ve played the game already, then you know the Izuhara region is easily the biggest of the three acts, so this is BRAHsome news all around.

Did you miss the most recent Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut trailer? It focuses on the upcoming storyline and the trailer below? Is in Japanese. Oh. Yes.

August 20th. Are you ready to become the Ghost once again?! Drool over these four new screenshots while you wait.

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