While Update 1.002.001 doesn’t anything snazzy like the past few patches did for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, I’m always down for improved stability when playing my games.

I have yet to encounter any of the issues listed below but if you have, hopefully this will improve your experience with the game.

Here’s the official changelog:

General Fixes & Polish

  • Addressed an issue where the UI would not appear when using the Jukebox
  • Addressed an issue where the wrong hero would load which could lead to progression being blocked.
  • Addressed an issue where inputs would not work after completing a Clank puzzle
  • Addressed an issue where Ratchet could fall indefinitely while traveling to Corson V
  • Addressed an issue where NPC voices could disappear
  • Addressed an issue where the single color background in Photo Mode would not appear
  • Reintroduced the wrench throw tutorial on Challenge Mode playthroughs
  • Addressed an issue where the wrench & hammer would not appear in Photo Mode
  • Addressed an issue where  a collected Lorb would not be counted
  • Addressed an issue where the hero could access weapons while in Zurkies bar
  • Addressed an issue where unlock stickers could become locked again in Challenge Mode
  • Addressed an issue where a gold bolt would be rewarded without completing the Glitch puzzle
  • Addressed an issue where the Fully Stacked trophy would not be rewarded if the Pixelizer is the last weapon to be unlocked.
  • Addressed an issue where the player could become stuck on a black screen indefinitely
  • Improved stability
  • Various additional fixes and improvements

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