Team Asobi was one of PlayStation’s best kept secrets, dropping free goodies on us like The Playroom and The Playroom VR, before creating one of the absolute BEST PSVR games available, Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Then came Astro’s Playroom, the PS5 pack-in title, which is a nostalgic trip down PlayStation memory lane, and the whole world knows of Team Asobi thanks to a reported 10 million PS5’s sold thus far.

So what’s next for the team that replaced Japan Studio? According to a LinkedIn job listing, a ‘3D action game’! I mean, come on. I think we all know what they’re working on.

A big-budget game starring our favorite Bot Astro and all of his robo-pals, right?! No way Sony doesn’t captilize on this opportunity to establish the series as their ‘mascot platformer’ in a world where they don’t matter like they once did in the 90’s. But hey, nothing like having a healthy variety in your portfolio, Brah.

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