While Supes’ has never been one of my favorite super hero characters, Kal-el is still waiting for his own Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game that will define Superman games for years to come, ya know?

Factor-5 was ready to do it. They were ready to emulate the feel of Superman. With fast gameplay, big fights, and incredible moments. Unfortunately, due to the economic collapse back in 2008, their take of Supes’ never made it bast the alpha stage of development.

Here we are now in 2021 and one of the lead designers for the game has started to spill the Superbeans of what could have been!

Remember, this is all extremely early footage from the PS3 era, but it does do a great job of showing what the team was aiming for.

This target render fight between Doomsday and Superman really shows how big and impactful the boss bosses could be been in the game.

All you Superman stans can read much more information in the thread the former lead designer started on Twitter.

I feel like the reason that WB has stayed away from Superman is that every boss battle would have to be huge, as would the scope of the game. Braniac, Solomon Grundy, Doomsday, Cyborg Superman, Darkseid, etc. Batman can face normal foes like Firefly or the Riddler and have a difficult time where Supes’ could pulverize them in one punch.

Then again, all it takes is the right dev team and the faith from the higher ups to create an unforgettable Superman game.

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