Repeat after me, kids! 2021’s word of the year for the gaming industry is delay, as yet another game has been pushed to 2022.

This time it happens to be the recently revealed Rainbow Six Extraction, the new 3-player co-op shooter from Ubisoft.

Ubisoft made it official in their statement below:

Our ambition with Rainbow Six Extraction is to deliver a full-fledged AAA experience that changes the way you play and think about cooperative games. With unique features like Missing In Action or The Sprawl, every mission is set to be a tense and challenging experience in which you’ll lead the elite operators of Rainbow Six in a fight against a lethal and evolving alien threat.

We are embracing the opportunity to take additional time to bring this vision to life in the way it deserves in January 2022. We are confident this will ensure Rainbow Six Extraction is the immersive, cooperative, and thrilling experience we set out to create, and the one you aspire to play.

We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!

Take all the time you need, Brah! I’m sure the millions upon millions of Rainbow Six fans will be ready when the impending alien threat is ready.

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