It’s crazy to think that it has already been a year since Ghost of Tsushima Unleashed its BRAHsomeness on the PS4.

Combine the epic campaign with the addictive Legends multiplayer mode and you have one of the best experiences on the PS4. To celebrate the one year anniversary, SPP has dropped some insane player state from the past year!

  • Over 61 million photos taken. I’m sure I added 75 or so to that total.
  • 333.1 million duels went down.
  • 68. 5 million Haikus written.
  • 679.2 million standoffs. One of my favorite gameplay moments in GoT.
  • 4,241 years spent riding on your majestic horse through flower fields.
  • 55.63 million fox pets. How many times did you sing ‘Whar the fox say?’ while chasing it across the map.
  • 60.1 million spirit dogs summoned.
  • 40.76 million Legends mode matches completed.

Sucker Punch also brought the PlayStation themed outfits for the Legends mode. Here’s some pix showing them off.

Don’t forget about the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut releasing in August! Save Iki Island from the Mongols! New Haikus! New Shrines! PS5 version that takes advantage of the PS5’s mighty power.

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