One of the major pieces of content that’ll be included in the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut package is the Iki Island expansion.

Iki Island was also invaded by those damn Mongols, so our boy Jin becomes the Ghost of Ikishima to help his fellow brothers and sisters in need.

While Sucker Punch hasn’t revealed too many information yet, a Reddit user claiming to be a Quality Assurance tester for the game decided to spill the rice over what you have forward to experience.

Remember, this could be a huge pile of horse crap. While it sounds great, this information could be false.

– Mr. QA claims it took him 15 to 20 hours to finish the new storyline in without focusing on side quest.

– Iki Island is said to be as big as the first portion of GoT. Will include leopards, squirrels, and monkeys. Combine that with an active volcano.

– New heavy armor sets to demolish Mongols with.

– A new medium armor set that focuses on bows that looks like ‘nothing else in the game’s.

– Torches are introduced in the expansion, as you have a cave mission to complete.

– New shrines! New enemy types! Rainbows have been added!

– Three suits of horse armor to choose from.

– New fighting stance that focuses on kicks, sidekicks, ‘spinning head kicks’ combined with flips. Nice.

So like we said. While this all sounds great don’t take it as official news until Sucker Punch confirms it on the PlayStation Blog.

You can read the original source post here or watch the trailer for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut below!

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