The Persona franchise has been one of ATLUS’s premiere franchise, and one of the largest JRPGs in the world, and it turns 25 years old this year. And in celebration, ATLUS has made an anniversary website that teases 7 spectate persona announcements. Each represented with a static screen, the first having a date of 2021/9 on it. And the last having a vague “autumn 2022” on it.

It’s not elaborated on if these are announce dates or release dates of the items (although if it’s release then we could see the first announcement very soon) but regardless, 7 new announcements are coming in the next year, specified to be games, events and collaborations.

Alongside this, new merchandise has been made available for preorder, based on all Persona games. Most notable, a couple sets, namely one of all Persona Protagonists and all the game covers, have a few blank spots labeled secret, implying unrevealed games and characters. Specifically two unknown mainline games and one new protagonist.

It’s anyone’s guess what could be announced,ports of older games on newer systems, a new Persona Arena game, a new Strikers style game, (perhaps the original concept, which was a crossover of multiple Persona games, before it was redesigned to just Persona 5.) Perhaps even an announcement of Persona 6.

Also of note all 7 seven are grey staticy screens over a 25th anniversary logo, but the first one is yellow, which is the thematic color of Persona 4, which could mean the first announcement could be connected in some way. 

Regardless of what exactly is announced, it’s exciting to see ATLUS make such a big deal out of the occasion, and speaks well for the future of the series.

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