Rumors came to life last summer that Microsoft was interested in buying some of WB Games studios such as Rocksteady and NetherRealm Studios, two of their biggest and well respected game studios.

The rumors eventually lost steam, until recently when AT&T merged WarnerMedia with Discovery to become Warner Bros. Discovery. The fate of WB Games was unknown and even a couple of employees who worked at their studios that I talked to had no clue what their future was going to be.

Our pal Jez Corden claimed he had documentation that the new company was interested in possibly selling both TT Games and NetherRealm Studios were no longer “in the scope” of what the company had planned for the future.

WB Games has quickly responded to these rumors to TheGamer, saying they have no interest in moving any of their studios.

I can confirm NetherRealm Studios and TT Games will continue to remain a part of Warner Bros. Games, and all are included in the Warner Media Discovery merger.

Said Remi Sklar, senior vice president of global communications at WB Games. Even if they were interested and in talks with a potential buyer, they’re not going to come out and tell the world about the situation at hand.

We will keep an eye of this situation going forward and report any relevant news related to it.

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