One of the biggest (and most surprising) upcoming PlayStation 5 ‘exclusives’ is none other than Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI.

The next major chapter in the genre-defining JRPG is being lead by Creative Business Unit III, the same studio behind the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV!

During the most recent broadcast that Square Enix held for FFXIV, Naoki Yoshida, producer for both games, was given the time to talk just a little about FFXVI.

– Many scenarios are complete, including tbe main story.

– English voice overs are almost complete!

– main development is going well yet has been difficult because the team wants to keep it at the highest possible quality. I’m sure COVID-19 has impacted the development process to some degree.

– while they do want to release more information, they don’t want to ‘drip-feed’ it. Naoki wants to show something at Tokyo Game Show 2021 but he’s worried about having it at a ‘playable state’ by then. Also, there was never any plans to show it at E3 2021.

But you know what that means? They could always make a big splash at The Game Awards with a monster new trailer! Do it, Square Enix. DO. IT.

As a reminder, this is information is based off someone’s translation. There could be small inaccuracies due to the intricity of the Japanese language.

For now, do I like I’m about to and watch the trailer for FFXVI!

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