Deathloop is an upcoming PS5 and PC exclusive game. Your Character, Colt, is trapped in a time loop on the island Black reef, and must kill 8 targets called visionaries. Should you die, or fail to kill all 8 targets, The cycle repeats. But even in defeat, you can learn more about the targets and their schedules, so that when the loop resets, you start fresh with new knowledge, 

This game has been known for a while, but we have just been given some new info.

Reprise is an unlockable ability that when you die, rather than resetting the loop, it sends you back 30 seconds. And if you return to the spot you die, you can interact with your ghostly corpse to regain some Residium. Alongside two other abilities, Carnesis, which allows you to knock enemies around from a distance, and Shift, a short range teleport.

The gameplay demo also shows a couple other pieces of equipment, alongside the array of guns and your machete, there is a proximity triggered grenade, (in the demo, they show a set up where he puts the grenade on a streetlamp, and then later using carnesis to knock a group of nemis into it, setting it off) and a device that allows you to hack things, such as automated sentry guns, making them fire upon your enemies, overloading machinery to trigger explosions, or to even activate the trapdoor to a massive meat grinder that a visionary happens to standing on. 

Residium is a resource that allows you to keep things between loops, (which implies that loops reset your gear.), apparently dropped by most enemies, Visionaries specifically grant large amounts.

Deathloop keeps a lot of the design choices from Arkane studios Dishonored Series, every area has multiple ways to progress, and being careful and eavesdropping can reveal new paths. Not to mention shift is almost identical to Corvo’s blink.  

If you hear a specific musical queue, it indicates that Julianna, your rival, has entered  your game, either controlled by another player or by an AI, who has abilities comparable to your own, and whose only goal is to kill you. The exact details on how the multiplayer works are still unknown. But she is considered one of the 8, so you must take her out.

Deathloop comes out on September 14 on PS5 and PC. It is a stealth action game with open ended ways to deal with any problem, cool abilities and guns with a stylized almost cel shaped artstyle and a jazzy soundtrack, and has rapidly become one of my personal most anticipated games.

If any of this sounds interesting, or if you enjoyed the Dishonored series, I wouls absolutely recommend checking this out. And ps + owners get a 10% discount when pre ordering the game.

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