Here we are, still recovering from all the events that went down at Summer Game Fest + E3 2021, as the gaming news cycle is currently slowed to a crawl.

So here I am, scrapping the rumor mill for news to share with my fellow Brahs! This article represents the third time I’ve sourced Nick, the co-founder of XboxEra, on the site this week. First was for Ghost of Ikishima. Second was for the next God of War gameplay reveal. Now our boy is saying that Square Enix is getting ready to bring back The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver!

Jump ahead to 1:18:17 in their latest show to hear all about it. A remaster for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver!? Certainly better than what we received from the series the past what, 17 years since Defiance released. Damn!

As always, take it with a grain of salt even if Nick sound pretty damn confident about his source’s information. Are you excited about the potential of the Legacy of Kain series returning?

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