Check out a list of upcoming Indie games for the month of July. Make sure to let me know which games you might pick up or if there are any others games out there on your list. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like & subscribe. Also, if you enjoy any of the games go wishlist it on their Steam page. Links below.

Boomerang X by developer Dang!
Boomerang X Steam page

Black Skylands – by developer Hungry Couch Games
Black Skylands Steam page

Fallen Knight by developer FairPlay Studios
Fallen Knight Steam page

Cris Tales by developer Dreams Uncorporated
Cris Tales Steam page

Death’s Door by developer Acid nerve
Death’s Door Steam page

Orcs Must Die 3 by developer Robot Entertainment. Orcs Must Die 3 Steam page

Tribes of Midgard by developer Norsfell games
Tribes of Midgard Steam page

Eldest Souls by developer Fallen Flag studio
Eldest Souls Steam page

Unbound: Worlds Apart by developer Alien Pixel Studios
Unbound: Worlds Apart Steam page

The Ascent by developer Neon Giant
The Ascent Steam page

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