For those of us who still assembling to play Marvel’s Avengers, then Crystal Dynamics has some updated information regarding their future content for the game.

While the War for Wakanda Black Panther expansion is still due to release this August, the upcoming Patrol mode has been moved past August, this is to focus on end-game content before BP’s major expansion hits.

In its place will be an Omega-level threat: Family Reunion where the Super-Adaptoid returns and is stronger than ever. There will also be multiplayer mega hives and the ability to team-up as any grouping of Avengers that you want, because we the fans demanded it enough. No more Tachyon events needed to do so!

The team has plenty to come post-August, including the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man expansion and more heroes including War Machine, Captain Marvel, & more.

Also, for all of us MCU fans, Captain America’s Endgame outfit is now available for purchase on the Marketplace!

What would you like to see next from Marvel’s Avengers?

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