Having several friends who work in the music industry, I’ve come to learn that the industry protects their artist’s rights above and beyond other media industries.

You’ll have a fantastic stream one night and BOOM, before you know it, you have a DMCA strike/removal/claim as your content goes bye-bye. While the media industries look to the future, it as of this moment, isn’t getting better for Content Creators or Streamers.

Many games have begun to implement a ‘Streamer mode’, so if you do stream, it’ll replace the music with a generic track that won’t attract DMCA bot’s attention.

Director James Gunn pretty much gave Star-Bore a personality when he took over the GotG series. Naturally everything since the blockbuster films has inherited the look and feel of the MCU Guardians. A big part of Peter’s charm is his love for 80’s music thanks to his mother. So of course the game is going to have a killer 80’s lineup of major hits, which would totally hit ANY Streamer with a DMCA strike or 20.

Well, have no fear. In an interview with Venturebeat, Mary DeMarle, Senior Narrative Director at Eidos Montreal, was asked if there would be a ‘Streamer mode’ for the game. While she wasn’t sure, Square Enix PR later confirmed the news!

To answer the first part of it, yes, there will be a toggle in the game to turn off licensed tracks for streamers.

If you don’t mind turning off the licensed music, essentially losing a part of the game’s charm, then stream away, Brah! Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy releases October 26th on the PS4 & PS5. Watch the reveal trailer below!

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