Where do we even start with this one? From the beginning. Let’s do this, Brah!

The Grubbster strikes again! Jeff Grub took to his YouTube channel to say that EA was going to reveal a new title in “an established IP” during EA Play 2021 on July 22nd. His main tease? “We’re going to see it…if were not dead first”. As in, ya know..Dead Space.

Unfortunately the original team that created the series, Visceral, is no more. So who will take over? EA Motive, of course!

Eurogamer then come to our rescue, saying they’ve heard similar information as well that EA Motive is working on reviving the Dead Space IP.

Now the cool cats over at Gematsu are saying that the can confirm all of this information and take it one step beyond. They’re saying that the game will be a ‘reimagining’ of the series by EA Motive, instead of a direct sequel!

There you have it, Brah. All the stars are aligning for the return of our beloved Dead Space!

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