Those morning commutes used to be easier. Follow the signs, obey the laws, respect one another, and remember pedestrians have the right away. But now, due to the pandemic, people are more eagerly wanting to get out on the road and not pay attention to the laws, pedestrians, or even simple signs to make sure everyone is safe and gets to their destinations unharmed. But you with your high spirit and belief that everyone can be good if they just had some direction in life. This is what you signed up for, this is your destiny in becoming the best traffic controller anyone has ever seen.

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Features include:

  • Take your career on the road: Take on the world’s most iconic and chaotic cities, from New York to Paris, and become a traffic control hotshot in career mode.
  • Intuitive controls / deep chaos: Using real-life gestures in VR, try your hand(s) at one of the most chaotic jobs in human history!
  • Frenzied gameplay action: Got this traffic control gig all figured out? Think again! Each city throws its own twists and turns at you, ranging from pesky to downright outrageous.
  • Turn up the heat in (couch) party mode: Up to 4 non-VR friends can join in on the road mayhem using their mobile devices.
  • Climb the global ranks: Now you can finally show everyone you can do it better than your local traffic control guy by carving out a place on the global leaderboards.
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Can you control the traffic? Will the weather make an impact? WIll the glass handlers safely make it across the street? Find out when Traffic Jams comes to PlayStation VR on August 26, 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…