In what sounds like the natural evolution of the SSX series if EA had not tossed it aside, Riders Republic rides again after being delayed earlier this year.

Given a September 2nd release date during the Ubisoft Forward event, they have revealed some additional information on their official site.

– While the last-gen version will support 20 characters on screen at once, current-gen consoles will have 50 characters on screen!

– 4K*/60fps on current-gen systems. ‘4K’ is 1620p upscaled to 2160p.

– cross-play and cross-generation on Day One! SONY CAN’T STOP IT!!

– cross progression between platforms!

‘Don’t worry, fellow rider, your progress and achievements in the game follows you from one platform to another, seamlessly’ is their quote. Don’t know if this means PS4 to PS5 or PlayStation to Xbox.

– Free upgrade to next-gen version! The PS4 version will grant you a free update to the PS5 version, Brah!

Register for a chance to join in on the Riders Republic beta!

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