Insomniac Games’ Resistance series was one of the shining stars for Sony Interactive Entertainment during the PlayStation 3 era, combining FPS action with the creative minds at Insomniac Games created one of the most popular shooters on the controversial console.

The series always had a devoted fanbase that supported the game, so why didn’t Sony move forward with another Resistance game? Colin Moriarty seems to have the answer!

Sony realized that maybe they were going to have too many ‘post-apocalyptic’ titles in their aresnal going forward. I mean, Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, and Days Gone are all great games but damn, a bit of overkill, wouldn’t you say? Don’t get me wrong. I own them all. Yet there’s nothing bad with a bit of variety, Brah.

Colin talks about the situation during the newest episode of his Sacred Symbols Podcast, as him and his co-host ponder about Bend Studio’s new IP, it eventually leads to him discussing information regarding Resistance 4.

Resistance 4 was pitched to [PlayStation] and […] they declined Resistance 4 because it sounded too similar to The Last of Us and they didn’t want the two games overlapping with each other. So, Resistance was shut down at that point.

You can start watching the video at 2:00:00 if you want more insight on Colin’s information. I believe another Resistance title, be it a sequel or reboot, would be welcomed addition to Sony’s current lineup, even if Insomniac probably doesn’t have the time to make it.

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