In every Ratchet & Clank game, there is one weapon that eclipses all others. 

The RYNO. Rip Ya a New One. Able to destroy virtually every opponent with little trouble. It varies from game to game, sometimes beings a rocket launcher that fires a swarm of auto targeting missiles or a dense stream of powerful lasers, or an endless swarm of bullets and missiles that plays the 1812 overture. (Really)

These are always the hardest to gain, either costing an exorbitant sum of bolts, or in later games, needing you to find every hidden piece of the plans throughout the game, before you can bring it to someone to build it for you.

Rift Apart is continuing this with RYNO 8, in quite possibly its coolest iteration yet!

The RYNO 8 forested a hole in space, and something will fall out of it. However, not just any old thing falls out. It summons items and characters from other PlayStation games. Such as the giant ThunderJaws from Horizon Zero Dawn.

On the Insomniac Games’ Twitter, they confirmed that among the represented series,alongside Horizen, include Sly Cooper, Uncharted and Sunset Overdrive, with probably many more yet to be revealed.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart launches exclusively on the PS5 this Friday!

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