In Winds & Leaves, you are brought back to life only to realize that the world in front of you is full of dusty hills and not much life is here. But you know that you have to try and bring back life and make your forests grow. You play as the Gardener who relies on upon and needs the trees for their life-giving energy so that you can roam the land as much as they need you to thrive in each of the different environments. As you look, there will be Outposts that were built by the previous gardeners. Reach these points and you will earn new fruits allowing you to match the different soils as well as the knowledge needed for your journey.

As you explore, you come in contact with new biomes with ground conditions. This is where you can combine different fruits to create something new that could very well help the world grow.

Just like in real-life conditions to help things grow, weather can and will change causing different conditions in different areas making things more difficult to grow.

You will also come across herbariums that are wooden gates that show you the different climate conditions of the regions you are about to enter.

So get ready to make the world grow again when Winds & Leaves comes to PlayStation VR on July 27, 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…