Still gaming on your PS4? Can’t find a PS5? Is your PC in need of a new GPU? If you love you some Battlefield and can’t wait for the newest entry in the series, now might be the time to upgrade to the current-gen, if you can.

Tom Henderson, the biggest Battlefield Insider around these days, posted a rather cryptic tweet about the last-gen version of the upcoming. If you ain’t gaming on a badass PC/PS5 or Xbox Series S|X, you’ll be playing a different game.

When asked about performance on the Xbox Series S, he couldn’t elaborate but he did clarify his original statement more.

If you can’t wait to see the new game before the reveal next week, you can watch a Battlefield trailer with that stupid meme face over it.

Another rumor says the game is called Battlefield 2042. With the official unveiling on June 9th, we should have kinds of official news soony.

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