Get ready for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade to hit the PS5 by updating your PS4 copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake thanks to Update 1.02!

That is right! Sony didn’t make things easy this gen when sending your PS4 save files to the PS5 so we hope you still have your PS4 nearby. You’ll be able to transfer your save file AND your trophies, so get ready for a double whammy on June 10th once the free Intergrade update goes live.

One small reminder: owners of the PS Plus version of FF7R will not have access to the Intergrade update. If you bought the PS4 version, you will get the update free of charge.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and the Yuffie DLC, INTERmission release on June 10th as PS5 console exclusive for at least 6 months.

Watch the upgrade PS5 owners will be getting with Intergrade below!

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