Team Asobi was one of Sony’s best kept secrets until Astro Bot: Rescue Mission blew everyone’s mind in VR when it released on the PlayStation VR in 2018.

Their streak continued with the PS5 pack-in title, Astro’s Playroom, a fantastic trip through the history of PlayStation which showcased the power & potential of the DualSense controller.

So what’s next for the team after the closure of Sony’s Japan Studio? Expansion and developing the Astro Bot franchise, Brah!

Hermen Hulst showed Team Asobi the love for when talking about Japanese Studios in his major interview on the PlayStation Blog.

We’re building Team Asobi in Tokyo, a world-class studio that are developing a franchise for all ages with global appeal. Such a creative team.

Then when slyly asked about us seeing more of Astro Bot in the future, Hermen didn’t say no!

I hope not! I love that guy.

While it still stings that Sony dropped Japan Studio, if this gives us a proper full-length Astro Bot title with a proper budget, The Brah will be there Day One, Brah!

Read more of Helmen’s interview at the source!

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