While Gamers wait ever so patiently (NOT!) for the new Battlefield Trailer, ‘80%’ of the trailer has already leaked according to an Insider.

But unfortunately there’s a catch. Whoever posted the content respectfully placed a ‘meme face’ overlay so that you can’t see the full image while watching the GIF below.

I’m not even kidding.

Not sure why EA doesn’t go ahead and release the trailer this upcoming week. Like Battlefield Insider Tom Henderson said, that’s 80% of the trailer in that GIF!

We know it’ll be officially shown soon with the start of the ‘E3 season’ of gaming begins June 10th. Show us this CGI trailer and actual in-game footage and we will be happy.

That’s a lie! Gamers are never happy! DICE has their ‘biggest team ever’ working on the game so there should be plenty o’ content to keep you busy, Brah!

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