Insomniac Games have just released a list of trophies that will be unlockable in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

This includes:

  • Masters of the Multiverse: Collect all trophies (Platinum)
  • Rift Apart: Get Separated In Nefarious City (Bronze)
  • Hide ‘N Seekerpede: Defeat The Seekerpede (Bronze)
  • Victory!: Complete a Battleplex Challenge (Bronze)
  • Can’t Stop Me: Complete a Gold Cup Battleplex challenge (Silver)
  • Hey Lombax DJ: Play Three Songs On Zurkie’s Jukebox (Bronze)
  • This Crystal Is My Things: Acquire Phase Quartz (Bronze)
  • Don’t You Walk Away From Me: Reach The Archives (Bronze)
  • It’s Loose!: Set Juice Free (Bronze)
  • Emotional Support Robot: Meet The Fixer (Bronze)
  • Rated Aaarrr!: Feed Bubbles (Bronze)
  • I’m The Warden Now: Break In and Out of Prison (Bronze)
  • 2 Fuzz 2 Furious: Defeat Doctor and Emperor Nefarious (Gold)
  • More than Lint: Enter A Hidden Pocket Dimension (Bronze)
  • Sartorial Steel: Acquire a piece of armor (Bronze)
  • Does This Make My Tail Look Big?: Acquire and equip head, torso and leg armor (Silver)
  • Shiny: Collect a Gold Bolt (Bronze)
  • Nooks And Crannies: Collect Five Gold Bolts (Silver)
  • Quantum Mechanic: Repair A Dimensional Anomaly (Bronze)
  • They Blow Up So Fast: Get a weapon to Level 5 (Silver)
  • There’s Even a Cupholder: Fully upgrade a weapon (Silver)
  • Full Rack: Fill up a Weapon Wheel (Silver)
  • Fully Stacked: Purchase all weapons (Gold)
  • Glitch, Uh, Finds a Way: Complete all Glitch Challenges (Bronze)
  • Shifty Character: Hit Every Blizon Crystal on Blizar and Cordelion (Bronze)
  • BOING!: Bounce on Big Al, Clank and Qwark’s Parade balloons (Bronze)
  • Max Relax: Find the Nefarious City citizens by the hot springs (Bronze)
  • Lombax And Chill: Turn On The TV In Rivet’s Hideout (Bronze)
  • Alert the Sponsors: Perform 5 Trick Jumps on a grind rail (Bronze)
  • Icebreaker: Melee 5 frozen enemies (Bronze)
  • No Need for Multiball: Kill 2 enemies with a single Ricochet round (Bronze)
  • Return Policy: Kill 10 enemies by returning shots with the Void Reactor (Bronze)
  • Hole Puncher: Get 20 headshots with the Headhunter (Bronze)
  • Life of the Party: Deploy 50 Mr. Fungis (Bronze)
  • Extreme Gardening: Defeat 30 enemies while they are Topiary’d (Bronze)
  • It’s So Fluffy!: Find a CraiggerBear (Bronze)
  • UnBEARably Awesome: Find all CraiggerBears (Gold)
  • Extinction Event: Kill 5 Grunthors (Bronze)
  • Just Stay Down: Defeat 30 ejected Nefarious Trooper heads (Bronze)
  • Must Go Faster: Do a trick jump while going at max speed with the Hoverboots (Bronze)
  • Planning Some Destruction: Collect a Spybot (Bronze)
  • Aim to Misbehave: Acquire The RYNO (Silver)
  • Feeding Friendsy: Collect 10 Zurpstones for Trudi (Bronze)
  • Sweet, Sweet victory: Collect honey for the Chef Tulio (Bronze)
  • Might’ve Broke Something: Collect 3 Lorbs (Bronze)

This list reveals a few new things. Namely a new collectible, something called a Craiggerbear. Along with Zurpstones, which sound like they work like moonstones and leviathan souls from previous games, which serve as drops from certain large enemies, or around wide open environments, that can be sold for a high price, along with something called a lorb, whatever that is.A new weapon called the headhunter, most likely this games sniper weapon. Something called glitch challenges, which the exact details and rewards of are unknown, are also me tioned.

It also confirms that the arena is called the battleplex, and the names of a couple new planets Blizar and Cordelion. It also confirms that for the first playthrough weapons max out at level 5.

There are also an additional 15 hidden trophies, which will not be talked about before release, probably story related. Things like beat the story, beat NG+, etc. But we won’t know for sure until it release on June 11th.

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