Kentaro Miura, industry legend and creator of dark-fantasy series BERSERK, passed on May 6th due to an aortic dissection. His passing, just announced early this morning, subsequently rocked many fans. When his death was made public on May 19th, many took to social media to celebrate the industry giants legacy. This came in the form of sharing iconic or personal standout panels from BERSERK. To simply sharing an individual’s history, experience or impact, Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece had on their life.

Another form of remembering Kentaro Miura, has appeared in Final Fantasy XIV. Where players have gathered together in order to pay tribute with memorials in order to honor the man himself.

Final Fantasy XIV Players Emotional Tribute to Berserk Creator Kentaro Miura

Miura’s work has impacted hundreds of creators, his influence spanning across generations. This influence is no more apparent than in Dark Souls and most notably, Final Fantasy. Some would even argue, without Guts’ infamous dragonslayer, Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud, wouldn’t have his iconic buster sword. Maybe Final Fantasy XIV wouldn’t have it’s Dark Knight class either.

The tribute saw Dark Knights, joined together and adorned with their spoils of war, lining the streets of cities everywhere to their brim. In a pose made iconic by Guts himself, players lugged giant slabs of iron, we know as swords, atop their shoulders as a homage to the character.

Final Fantasy XIV Kentaro Miura Berserk

For this reason, the memorial undertaken by FFXIV players felt so…at home. Almost as if things were coming full circle. This is one of those instances when you are reminded, the gaming community isn’t a place where only vile discourse exists. Far from it, in fact. With such short notice, to see so many people gathered together to mourn someone they’d probably never meet, goes to show the impact and just how many lives Miura-sensei had touched. Walking through the streets and seeing the support, the number of people who had come to pay tribute…it’s difficult not to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the outpouring of love on display.

Its heart warming just as it is sad.

Long live Miura-san.

Long live BERSERK.