Square Enix has announced further details on the future content for Marvel’s Avengers. Both new additions in content and in mechanics, releasing through this summer.

One of most common complaints about the  game has been the post game. Specifically, once you level up a hero to max (Level 50) there was nothing more to do with that hero, in response, they are introducing something called champion levels. Any XP gained with a hero over level 50 will go towards champion levels, granting new champion skill points, which can be spent on permanent upgrades to damage, ability cooldowns, perk activation chances, etc. TO accompany this, new items called Hero Catalysts are now available, which temporarily boost XP gain for a specific hero. 

This mechanic will launch on may 18, just before the new Red Room Takeover event, on may 20. Which is a new series of challenges in the HARM training room, built to test your traversal and evasion abilities, which were caused by an unidentified virus, along with encrypted messages from Yelena Belova, an old classmate of Black Widow’s back in the Red Room. Participating in the event will grant exclusive new animated nameplates, significant XP rewards, and further unspecified rewards. 

Alongside this, they have updated the roadmap with all announced future content. With a new VIllian Sector launching in June, based around Monica, Scientist Supreme, and her attempts at controlling the Cosmic Cube. A new mission type called Patrol mode, alongside additional missions in the future wastelands, both launching together this summer, and the new large scale update “War for Wakanda” adding a new hero, Black Panther, with all his respective abilities, outfits, and missions, a new biome, and outpost, Wakanda, new villains, most notably Klaw, and a brand new story, releasing this Summer.

Throughout all of this, they are releasing new MCU-inspired skins, Omega Level threat missions, Multiplayer mega-hives, and reworks of gear, matchmaking, progression, and comic collectibles, each of which will be further elaborated on in the future. 

It is often overlooked, but sometimes, the most important addition to a game can be upgrades and changed to the core mechanics, it may not be as glamorous as brand new heroes, but can be just as, if not more impactful. And luckily, this game is getting both. 

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