To all the Trophy hunters out there, I envy you. As much as I want to platinum every PlayStation game that I own, life just won’t let me.

So when I heard that the platinum for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart could be earned in one playthrough, I knew I had to share the news.

In an interview with IGN India, Game Director Mike Daly confirmed you’ll need to do some exploring, but the ‘platty’ can be earned in one playthrough!

I can say our trophy design for this game is again, pretty permissive. You can achieve it on one playthrough though, you need to be pretty thorough in how you approach the game. So if you’ve explored the nooks and crannies, if you’ve engaged with the upgrade systems, then you can get it without an inordinate amount of time invested. I know that this sort of breaks with some of the games of the distant past where we always wanted some crazy stretch trophy that had you doing a bunch of work.

Most of the platinum trophies for PlayStation exclusives are on the easier side, so this isn’t exactly surprising. Will you try to earn the platinum? Let us know in the comments below!

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