As popular as the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games have been for Koei Tecmo and their Omega Force team have been, very few have reached the sales success of their crossover titles with other major IPs.

Persona 5 Strikers and Hyrule Warriors helped KT hit profits like never before so naturally the company is excited about exploring the possibility of doing more of these titles.

In an interview TheGamer, Koei Tecmo Games president Hisashi Koinuma was asked about potential IPs that he would love to work with were most interesting.

Mario and STAR WARS are two great series that come to mind. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to collaborate with these IP yet.

Could you imagine a Star Wars Musou game? You, a Jedi, dropped into the Petranaki Arena from Episode II during the beginning of the Clone Invasion to save Anakin and Obi-Wan as you battle hundreds of battle droids at a time!?!

MY MIDICHLORIAN COUNT IS RISING, BRAH!!! Never say never when it comes to gaming because that would be BRAHsome!

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