Well, yesterday sure was a shitty situation when Housemarque dropped Returnal Update 1.3.3, as it was soon discovered that it had the power to corrupt your save file.

The team at Housemarque was quick to roll the update back to 1.3.1 but the damage was already done.

Returnal Update 1.3.4 is now live, coming in at 1GB. Below is the changelog:

Patch 1.3.4 is now live. This patch reverts to a previous stable build (1.3.1), also addressing a known Trophies issue, and fixing a keyboard exploit.

Please stay tuned for info on Patch 1.3.5 in the near future.

With Patch 1.3.4, all save games are safe to be played now.

For those who suffered issues with their save game after installing Patch 1.3.3, please see the scenarios below for the latest info after our investigations:

  • Some game saves will have become corrupted with Patch 1.3.3, but maintained their file size. Players with those save games are able to safely continue their progress after installing Patch 1.3.4, without the need for using a backed up save game.
  • Unfortunately other save games will have been effectively “deleted” by Patch 1.3.3, with their file size reducing to 0KB. These save games are not directly salvageable by Patch 1.3.4, without a backup save game available.
  • In those cases, please try using a backed up save from PS+ if available, after installing Patch 1.3.4. With an intact save game from PS+, players can safely restore and continue playing with Patch 1.3.4 installed.
  • Depending on the console settings, the cloud save may have been overwritten by the “deleted” save game noted above. If this is the case, progress will remain unsalvageable, even with Patch 1.3.4.

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