Fans of Metro Exodus that play on Next Gen consoles can get pumped as it has been announced the game is getting a Next Gen Upgrade and a Complete Edition arriving June 18th.

We are excited to announce that Metro Exodus will come to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on June 18 2021.

Utilizing the power of these new consoles, we have been able to include 4K*, 60 FPS, Ray Tracing throughout (including Ray Traced emissive lighting as pioneered in The Two Colonels), Field of View options and platform specific features such as spatial audio and controller latency improvements on Xbox, and support for the haptic features of the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller.

This will also be a free upgrade for current owners, but for those of you who haven’t taken the leap into our gorgeous post-apocalyptic world yet, we will also be releasing a physical Metro Exodus Complete Edition for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PS5, which will include the main game and all expansions in one boxed package. Check with your local retailer for pre-orders and pricing details.

4K? Check! 60 FPS? Check! Ray Tracing? Check! Haptic features for the PS5 Dual Sense Controller? Check!

The Enhanced Edition certainly looks impressive (check out the video below). It’s free for current owners but if you don’t have the game yet you can get the Complete Edition in digital or physical and it will include all the expansions and DLC.

Once again, it’s great to see games getting those Next Gen upgrades!

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