Lost Judgement, the sequel to 2019’s Yakuza spinoff, Judgement has been leaked on PSN. The leak comes to us by way of the Japanese PlayStation Store, one day ahead of its planned announcement.

Obviously, details are slim at the moment as the full reveal is expected tomorrow. However, we can expect the name of the title in the west to differ from its Japanese counterpart. If you recall, Judgement was called Judge Eyes in Japan. This is a rather common occurrence. For example, games like Persona 5 Royal and the original Nier have slightly different names in the east and west.

According to the page, we also know the game has a planned release date of September of this year. However, with this being the Japanese PSN page, this probably refers to the Japanese release. With the Western release slated for a few months after the original release. Again, this is another common occurrence, especially with SEGA titles. But, these windows between releases have gotten increasingly shorter.

Back in March, SEGA did trademark ‘Lost Judgement’ so this definitely lines up with that register. In any event, we won’t have to wait too much for more details. As SEGA and RGG plan to fully reveal the game on May 7th. Should be a fun one!