Ratchet & Clank have been staples of the PlayStation library for nearly two decades now. Since their debut in 2002 on the ps2, there have been over 15 games in their name, and have consistently been on every console since then. And Sony is continuing the trend with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Releasing this June as a Playstation 5 exclusive. 

The game was announced even before the official release of the ps5. But details had been scarce until the most recent state of play. 15 minutes of straight Ratchet & Clank news. And Subnautica.  

Here’s what we know about the game right now.


The core gameplay is familiar to anyone who’s ever played a R&C game before. 3D platforming mixed with third-person shooting. Ratchet is just as agile as before. Keeping his ability to acrobatically flip around, and the high-speed hoverboots are returning from A Crack in Time and Into the Nexus.  As a matter of fact, they’ve made him more maneuverable. They’ve added the ability to dash short distances to dodge damage and reposition, leaving behind a holographic trail of Ratchets.

He can also now wall-run across certain surfaces, and has a new rift tether that allows him to use cracks in the world to teleport across the area. Also, the new playable character, who we now know is named Rivet, shares the same moveset and arsenal as Ratchet. They have also confirmed a variety of alternate side gameplay styles, such as dimensional clank puzzles, arena battles, aerial combat, and new ‘glitch battles’ where you play as a small robot and battle other robots. 


It is confirmed that this game’s arsenal is a mix of brand new weapons and returning classics. and most, if not all, will use the adaptive triggers to expand their functionality, such as alternate fire modes. The weapons we know for sure are in the game

Burst Pistol; A brand new weapon that appears to be the first weapon you obtain. If the triggers are tapped lightly it will fire individually, but if held down it will go fully automatic. 

Shatterbomb; A glove that throws explosive grenades that shatter into shrapnel

The Enforcer: A double-barrelled energy shotgun, pull the trigger part way to fire one barrel, or pull fully to fire both barrels.

Topiary Sprinkler: Throws a sprinkler that sprays enemies with a liquid that covers them in leaves and other plant effects, immobilizing them.

Negatron Collider: Fires a concentrated beam of energy for a couple of seconds.

Pixelizer: A  returning weapon, first introduced in the 2016 ps4 remake. A short-range weapon that fires a burst of 8-bit energy with a retro sound effect, as a side effect, anyone hit by it is made pixelated. Also, pre-ordering the game will allow you to gain this weapon right from the beginning. 

Mr. Fungi: seen in the weapon vendor, effects unknown

Ricochet: Seen in weapon vendor, effects unknown


Ratchet & Clank has always been a series that spanned galaxies and has featured many famous and distinct planets, given the dimension-hopping nature of the story, a lot of them are alternate universe versions of previous planets, notable highlights include

Sargasso: a hot and swampy planet inhabited by large dinosaur-like monsters, returning from Tools of Destruction. Is also the location of Rivet’s hideout

Kerwan: A teeming city-planet that has appeared in several games since the very original.

Endako: another teeming cityscape, this one more metal and industrial, returning from Going Commando

Torren IV:  A dry rocky planet covered in garbage and abandoned cities. Returning from A Crack in Time

Ardolis: A planet under control by the robotic space pirate. Returning from Tools of Destruction.

A new unnamed planet that is the location of Nefarious city, and the capital of Alternate Nefarious’ empire.

Also, Twitter user @BlueLemonLight did some digging and translating and found the name of two brand new planets. Corson V and Blizar Prime. Any further details on these planets are unknown 


Of course, Bolts, the main currency in every single R&C game, are back, and they still have their distinctive sound effect.

Raritanium is also returning, and it still works as a weapon upgrade resource, as it has in Tools of Destruction, Into the Nexus, and the PS4 remake, and appears to be following the later method of 1 raritanium= 1 upgrade. Given that the resource pack you get for pre-ordering gives you 20, which would be a tiny number if they were returning to earlier styles where upgrades ranged from 50 to 1000 raritanium. 

Gold Bolts-the main hidden collectible of the series, and once again they have returned, what exactly what the benefit of collecting them in this game. In the past, they have rewarded cosmetics, concept art, cheats, and even upgrade materials in NG+. But we do not know what their use in Rift Apart.

Pocket Dimensions-A new mechanic where you explore sub-areas, pockets of reality created by the dimensionator, what exact kind of rewards can come from these are not fully known. 


Rift Apart features the most in-depth customization of any game in the series. Comparable to Insomniac’s previous spider-man games. There are a variety of armor sets in the game, available as sets of three. Head. Body. Boots. That can be individually customized, and it appears collecting complete sets will unlock various passive bonuses, such as increased money dropped from enemies or increased melee damage, for example. These sets include previous armors and outfits from the series history. So far we know of!

Ratchet Skins:

Galactic Ranger-Ratchet’s galactic ranger armor from the PS4 remake.

Robot Pirate- an orange black and white armor resembling the reoccurring robotic space pirates.

Lombax Praetorian- A metal armor with orange effects based on the military of the former Lombax govt.

Robot Disguise- A white and blue armor with a blue and white smiling digital face. Probably used as a disguise in the robot dominated empire

Wastelander- A purple and yellow armor resembling a mad max aesthetic

Q-Force- A green spandex uniform resembling Captain Qwark.

Captain Starshield- A blue metal armor set with an orange star emblem and goggles. Based on Captain Starshield, the late superhero who was a victim of the combat death sport tv show Dreadzone in the beginning of Ratchet: Deadlocked.

Carbonox Armor- (Pre-Order Bonus) the ultimate armor from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

Imperial Armor-A full body set of white armor with an orange visor covering his entire face. Based on the uniform of Emperor nefarious’ military

Android Armor-A yellow full body armor based on an android version of ratchet

Scavenger Armor- A purple set of armor with a gas mask with green eyes

Rivet Skins:

Carbonox Armor- (Pre-Order) the ultimate armor from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Smuggler Outfit-A Red vested outfit with cargo pants with a pair of goggles atop her head

Hacker Outfit-A padded hack suit with a metal VR headset.


Dr. Nefarious, in a desperate attempt to achieve his dreams of conquest, steals the dimensionator and uses it to find a dimension where he’s already one, in the fight to stop him, Ratchet damages the dimensionator and damages reality, resulting in the two dimensions merging and ratchet and clank getting separated.

Clank encounters a new Lombax named Rivet, who needs his help stopping Dr. Nefarious and fixing reality, and Ratchet is doing all he can to find clank. Including both returning fan-favorite characters, along with alternate counterparts of them. We already know of alt Nefarious, and alt version of Mrs. Zurkon, and fans may have recognized the voice of Skidd McMarx, who also seems to appear in a blink, and you’ll miss it scene in the gameplay showcase.

Visual Fidelity:

What we have seen so far makes me believe Rift APart is one of, if not the best-looking games ever made. To incredible detail on virtually all counts (You can see the splinters as crates break!) to massive sprawling landscapes that look so real you can almost feel the sun on your skin. not to mention the complete absence of loading screens and taking advantage of the full hardware of the Daulsense controller. Rift Apart looks to be a crowning gem of the young console’s Library. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart releases on June 11, 2021. A digital deluxe version is available with a digital artbook and soundtrack, 5 exclusive armor sets, a sticker pack for photo mode, and 20 raritanium to give you a boost to upgrade your weapons early on. Pre-ordering will also grant you early access to the Carbonox armor set and the Pixelizer weapon.

But forget all that, we need to focus on the big reveal in the state of play that’s really important. A Ratchet & Clank Skin is coming to Among Us.

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