With Resident Evil Village releasing on the PS4 & PS5 this Friday, it has me realizing that we’re only 9 days until we get to relive Commander Shepard’s amazing journey to save the universe from the Reapers in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Combing the first three Mass Effect games plus A L L of the DLC that released for it in one mighty pack has all of us Mass Effect fans excited for galactic joy. It has Bioware SO excited that they’re dropping 1.7GB of free digital content that released with the Deluxe editions of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

When you download all of this content this what you’ll receive:

We’re giving fans a chance to download content previously available in the Deluxe Editions of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, as well as the first Mass Effect soundtrack (including the new Legendary Edition Track: “Resynthesis”).*

88 iconic tracks:

Download and enjoy your favorite music from the trilogy. Tracks include “Mass Effect theme”, “Uncharted Worlds”, “Suicide Mission”, “Illusive Man”, “Leaving Earth”, and many more.

2 PDF Art Books:

Delve deeper into the Saga with two exquisite digital art books (for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3) from Bioware.

2 PDF Comic Books:

Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with two limited edition digital comic books from Dark Horse Comics: Mass Effect: Redemption issue 1 and Mass Effect: Invasion issue 1.

Normandy Digital Lithograph:

Show off the best ship in the fleet with a digital lithograph featuring the Normandy in the heat of battle.

You can download all of this FREE content until May 31st or until ‘download capacity is reached’, so get to it, Soldier!

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