As of May 5, 2021, the 7th Rift Pass in Dead by Daylight has begun. Accompanied by the seventh lore tome. Tome VII-Forsaken. 

Rift passes are essentially the same as battle passes in a number of other games. Such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, etc. A timed event whereby beating in-game challenges, you can level up the pass to unlock exclusive items, some for free, and others requiring a paid upgrade. In Dead by Daylight, a new rift pass is always accompanied by new unlockable lore entries for characters, providing new stories and background for characters, and this pass includes the first one for a licensed character, being Bill Overbeck from Left 4 Dead, which introduces brand new lore that hasn’t even appeared in his source games, showcasing his time in Vietnam, long before the events of L4D.  The rift also introduces lore scenes for the original killer The Plague. 

On the free track, which anyone can access without paying a cent, Includes a new cosmetic set for Bill Overbeck, along with a set for the Huntress, a new community-made cosmetic set for Claudette Morel, designed by NoheQuin. Along with some exclusive L4D themed charms, such as the famous zombie hand logo, the boomer zombie, the saferoom exit, and the crashed news helicopter.

In addition, for $10, you can get access to the paid track, with a large number of exclusive charms, premium currency, and cosmetics. Including sets for killers,  The Plague, The Trapper, The Blight, and The Deathslinger, along with survivor cosmetics, for Zarina Kesser, Kate Denson, Jane Ramero, Jeff Johansen, and Felix Richter. Including the start of the waterfront massacre collection, a new theme of skins that are beach-themed, with Kate getting the first one.

The Rift will be open for 70 days, closing on July 14, 2021. Which means it will still be active when the upcoming Resident Evil chapter releases this June.

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