You know the story by now. Despite Days Gone went on to become the best-selling game in Bend Studio’s history, Sony rejected a pitch for a shared universe sequel that would’ve incorporated co-op gameplay to the Days Gone series.

Fans of the series soon did what any good fandom does when something is canceled. They started an almighty online petition to get what they want! We reported when the petition in question crossed 75,000 signatures. Now we’re back to report that it has now surpassed over 100,000 sigs!

Look, we know this thing will never reach a million signatures nor does Sony even care that it has 100K but to see the Days Gone community come together to support the game has to be a great feeling for everyone who spent years working on the game.

In other Bend Studio news, they’re currently hiring for that ‘new AAA IP’ that they convinced Sony to let them work on, according to Bloomberg.

Sure, the only real connection between these two pieces of ‘news’ is Bend Studio but it was an easy way to report on the Bend Studio hiring spree.

Days Gone hits PC on May 19th. Will you be giving it another shot with all the new enhancements?

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