There’s not doubt about it: Sony is damn proud of the DualSense controller. Their next-gen controller is easily the best they have ever offered since joining the gaming market.

They’re so proud of the DualSense controller that it’s the only way you can play PS5 games. So that means all those extra DualShock 4 controllers and expensive 3rd party controllers you invested in will only work with PS4 games on your PS5.

This is the opposite approach of what Xbox has done with their Xbox Series consoles. Almost any controller you owned on the Xbox One, 1st party or say, SCUF, is forward compatible with their latest consoles.

So when Andy Paul, the CEO of Corsair, the parent company of SCUF gaming and controllers was asked about their controllers coming to the PS5, he confirmed what we expected. You better believe they are!

Well, the first thing is, as you probably know, we have a license agreement with Microsoft for Xbox. And so it’s a slightly different split between Xbox and PS4. In other words, we have a higher sales of PS4. So it is the majority of the revenue of SCUF. If you look at the installed base, it’s well over 100 million units of PS4 versus a few million of PS5. So still, by far, the majority of the demand comes from that segment. We’re obviously working as fast as we can to get out of PS5 controller. We haven’t released when that will be, but I suspect we’ll be pretty early in the market compared to any of our competitors.

There you go! For all of you guys who can’t handle the greatness that is the DualSense controller, SCUF will have something for you soony.

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