After years of working exclusively with Sony, Insomniac Games wanted to do like any dev studio: create their own games to keep and nurture, to own the IP outright.

While Fuse didn’t find much success, Song of the Deep and Sunset Overdrive did much better for the team. For Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac turned to Microsoft to help publish the game as a guaranteed way to keep the IP as their own.

Now that IG has joined PlayStation Studios, everyone has been wondering what the deal is with SO. Would Microsoft be willing to relinquish the publishing rights the way they did with the original Mass Effect and Alan Wake? Either way, that didn’t stop SIE from trademarking Sunset Overdrive as part of their mighty portfolio.

You can read more information here about this recent trademark. Would you be willing to play an ‘enhanced’ version of Sunset Overdrive on the PS5?