Ed Boon has made a legendary career out of co-creating the Mortal Kombat series back in the early 90s, having helped the bloody franchise sell millions upon millions of copies the past 25 years

Ed and the team at NetherRealm Studios also team with the DC comics universe to create Injustice and Injustice 2, plus the insane crossover of DC vs Mortal Kombat.

So when the Man who makes the magic happen jokes about talking to Marvel in the past about a fighting game, you take note, Brah!

When he does it again, you can’t help but want to report on the matter because how freagin’ cool would it be if the Godfather of the Mortal Kombat series had the keys to the Marvel Kingdom?

Damnit, Ed!! You have to stop this madness!! While, honestly, I would love for Capcom to produce another Marvel fighting game, it would be interesting as can be to see what NetherRealms Studios could bring to the creative table.

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